Frequently Asked Questions

Planning for retirement can be confusing. The experts at Everest Wealth Management can provide you with valuable guidance about the best way to plan for your individual retirement goals. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

This sounds too good to be true: how can companies offer bonuses and guarantees like that?

Insurance companies are able to offer bonuses and guarantees that investment firms can’t.  There are hundreds of different companies with thousands of various contracts and options.  Typically, the longer you are willing to commit the funds to the insurance company, the higher the potential bonus and roll up that some companies offer.  We typically work with contracts that last from 3-10 years.

Is my money held with Everest? How safe are my funds?

Your money is never held at Everest Wealth Management,  we are an insurance agency that finds large, well rated, well established companies that custody your assets. We do not have the ability to withdraw funds from your accounts. We vet the insurance companies we work with and typically work with the industry leaders who provide innovative solutions you won’t find on your own.


How come my stock broker hasn’t told me about these plans?

Typically, stock brokers work for broker-dealers who decide which products their brokers can offer the public.  Surprisingly, many of the largest fixed indexed annuity carriers products aren’t allowed to be offered to clients of many broker dealers.

I’ve heard these accounts have high fees, is that true?

Typically, the fixed annuities we work with do not have management fees or mortality and expense fees.  Some fixed annuities do have additional features that provide benefits, the fees for those are typically 1%, much less than what many other financial products charge.

Can you send me information on these plans?

We work with many carriers, and without knowing your financial situation and your goals, it would be impossible for us to send you a brochure on all of the different contracts.  Call us today and sign up for that free retirement checkup and we would be more than happy to give you a brochure and a plan so you can make an informed decision.

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