Retirement Planning: Five Reasons You Should Work With a Specialist


If you ask people what they want to do in retirement, likely answers include: relax; travel; have fun; spend time with friends and family. These goals may sound similar, but in reality, they mean different things to different people.

Some people want to golf once in a while, some hope to be the first to tee off seven days each week. Some clients want to travel the world, while others hope to explore America by RV. Each client of Everest Wealth Management has different retirement goals. Each client has a different nest egg. If we provided our clients with the same standard plan, would that work for them? Absolutely not. 

Here are five reasons you should work with a specialist in retirement planning:

  1. To create a retirement plan customized for your needs and dreams.

    Many big-name investment companies focus on accumulation rather than customization. Their clients are merely numbers. Everest Wealth Management understands that each client requires individual care, and to do that, we go to great lengths to get to know our clients; ultimately, they are our family.

  1. Because specialists have a fiduciary responsibility to the client.

    Large broker dealer firms train their “registered representatives” to work for them, not you. The only criteria for a transaction is its suitability – a broad term that does not require an intimate look at the detailed aspects of individual financial requirements and concerns. You want to work with someone that works for you, not a bureaucracy.

  1. To have a relationship based on communication.

    With large organizations, you will receive a statement a few times per year containing a lot of lingo and fancy graphs. At Everest Wealth Management, we provide frequent updates with explanations and nurture our client relationships through events and regular check-ups. As you progress through retirement, we are with you each step of the way.

  1. Specialists do not custody your assets.

    This is a fancy way of saying we do not hold your money. There is no Bernie Madoff where there are not funds. A specialist can guide you to various products that fit your needs and connect you with large, well-established, third-party companies that are well-situated to ride out economic storms.

  1. Transparency!

    One of the top benefits of a boutique firm specializing in retirement planning is transparency. You want to avoid hidden fees and complex payment schemes. Understand the fees you are paying and work with someone who is willing to explain them until you are comfortable. 

Ultimately, if you want to retire and stay retired, a specialist can you help you realize your dreams and weather financial downturns. Find a company that takes care of the details and has unparalleled communication and customer service. You have spent a lifetime working hard to take care of your family; it is time to find a company that cares about you.