Everest Wealth Management Connects with Clients; Releases New Video Explaining Personalized Retirement Planning

Everest Connecting with Clients

Unparalleled Customer Service

Everest Wealth Management, has released new videos to further communicate with current and prospective clients. The brief productions, featuring Founder Philip Rousseaux and staff, highlight our company’s unparalleled customer service and retirement planning service offerings.

A boutique firm that does not custody assets, we connect clients with large, well-established insurance companies that hold funds and can weather downturns in the economy. Thousands of people have retired using these products.

“I am proud of our 10-year history and the unique services we provide,” said Rousseaux. “We hope these videos help convey who we are, establish our values, and offer a glimpse into the incredibly high level of service each of our clients receives when they walk through our door.”

The high-quality video productions, akin to Everest’s television show, “The Money Guys,” set the company apart from others in the business. Rousseaux believes retirement planning should be specific to the individual and he built the business by fostering personal relationships with clients. “The Money Guys” and the newly released video clips represent Everest’s continued commitment to excellence and leadership in the retirement planning industry.

To view Everest’s newest productions, visit our YouTube.

About Everest Wealth Management, Inc.

Everest Wealth Management specializes in protecting their clients’ money and income in retirement. Everest offers a variety of insurance solutions and annuities covering a broad spectrum of asset classes and strategies which are used to create a portfolio to fit their clients’ goals and risk tolerance. Everest’s commitment to annuity knowledge and superior client service truly sets them apart from the rest. Learn more about Everest’s personalized retirement planning services at www.everestwm.com/about-us/.