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Five Facts about Annuities

Making decisions about money usually is not fun unless you are deciding how to spend it. During a lifetime of earning money, it at least seems pretty straightforward: the paychecks come in; we pay our expenses; and we save whatever is leftover. It is not too difficult to set up a retirement savings accounts, either,…

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Owning Annuities Can Mean Greater Retirement Happiness

Despite modest growths in the stock market since the recession, many baby boomers are reporting they feel less confident that they will have enough money to last through retirement. Are you in this category? Since only 27% of boomers feel they will have enough money, it would not be surprising if you are part of…

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Four Risk Factors to Know When Retirement Planning

­­­­­­­­­­­­Today, Americans are living longer than ever, and much longer than most retirement plans anticipated in the 1960s and 70s. But there is no shortage of “retirement planners” that seek to take advantage of this growing demographic. Unfortunately, not everyone who claims to be a retirement planner actually is. How do you sort out the…

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